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Hey guys,

You can now follow me on tumblr here >>>>>  <<<<<<   I'll be posting some more things there including scribbles and such.
Its in the style of 'Heart of Darkness', a legendary game from the 90s I remember being so fond of.

Oh, and I've got a QUESTION for you guys,
If you had to choose which person thats watching you, you admire most. Who would it be?
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21 years man,
Plus the 70K views, thanks so much.

This month I joined in with the amazing satellite soda forum to draw everyday for a month.
Do you rather see me posting those daily sketches separately everyday or weekly merged in a bundle(like I did with my latest submission)?

Things in the making:
-new avatar
-doodle dump
-daily draw februari
-Benkate Comic
-2nd year animation
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I have not been online frequent enough and therefore missed out on a lot of things. Including my friends who I haven't spoken to for ages on msn. So a big apology goes out to
:iconmizter-maze: :iconfargalex: :iconcusd: :iconbenkate: :iconyanoodle:

Without the internet I dropped all connections to you guys and it sucks deeply. However still got to meet a lot of nice people and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Benkate :iconbenkate: dropped by in Rotterdam, the weather was nasty so we got to hang in a bunch of other places. Love to go to that Dalton party in Paris!

Not long after I started my first year at the HKU I bumped into :iconloish: and :iconarjhun: who are awesome and then I found out one of my classmates was :iconlinay: so that was a nice surprise.

The weeks after that I really pushed myself into animating and finished it but not the way I wanted. Had to keep myself to the 12/14 second time limit so I'll upload it once it's done the way was planned. Here's some concept art!
Alt Text

Just to make it easier for everyone a blog is in the making for my art in progress and ANIMATION. Tossing around a few ideas, so far I have Blue Blood Battalion. but anything as random would be fine with me. (crazy 80s terms and nerdy stuff recommended)

Cheers to everyone and a big thank you to the people that have been following me up to whatever I was doing.
: - D

ps. :iconmizter-maze: This dude and I need to go paint somet time soon!
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birthday party get!

We went to this music store to get a Microkorg, not a very original choice for a synthesizer but you gotta start somewhere. They didn't seem to sell one over at the store tho so I'll scrap one off the internet.… fucking insane vid with Dorian Concept on the Microkorg, he's gonna give a show in Amsterdam soon, maybe I'll be there.

So lots of people around here having their birthday, wonder if it's the same for you guys.
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